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Sunday Salad Samplers - Foraging the City Salad


I’ve been on hiatus from the ST cooking groups since the conclusion of the Sunday Slow Bakers back in August of last year. Travel plans and a desire to cut back on sweets prevented me from officially participating in the Sunday Slow Scoopers and the Sunday Slow Soupers.

A new group kicks off today and I'm excited to be able to join in the other ST members in creating some very tasty salads. Our first recipe was chosen by Eden of Eden's Wanderings and Wonderings and it is a wonderful, colorful salad.


Here is Eden's recipe:

Some greens - use your favorite or a
a combination of favorite greens
Blood Oranges - at least two or three if they are
Berries - I used yellow and red raspberries
when available

Dried Cranberries - because I had some and love them

Crumbled cheese - like Feta

Roasted candied pecans

Croutons, if you wish

Eden's really simple put together method:

(I found out that slicing the blood oranges and then peeling them with a knife going around the circumference of the slice was much easier than peeling and segmenting them. This will take the most time, so start with preparing the blood oranges.)

On your salad plate or your serving bowl, start with a bed of greens. continue by assembling the ingredients on top.

Just before serving, you can add the cheese and your favorite salad dressing. I had croutons on the side but no one used them.

My notes:

I couldn’t find blood oranges in any of my local grocery stores so I used oranges from my friend's orange grove. No pecans in my pantry but plenty of delicious Spanish marcona almonds, so in they went along with some avocado, a thin slice of a red onion, gorgonzola and strawberries. I found a delicious strawberry vinaigrette recipe in Annie’s blog, which I made and drizzled over the salad. It was the perfect finishing touch for this simple yet delicious and fresh spring salad. Thanks Eden for starting us with this yummy salad!


I’d like to thank Diana Baur for allowing us to use a photo from her blog to make our logo. The salad on the logo is a Gorgonzola, Walnut and Pear Salad and the recipe can be found here. Grazie mille, Diana!

Comments (9)

Oh my gosh - your salad looks delicious! :)

Looks delicious, Maria. And I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful logo.

I love Marcona almonds - great idea to use those. Glad you liked the vinaigrette! This was a wonderful salad.

And thanks again for the nice logo!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, your salad looks so delicious! I'm looking forward to learning about all the Salads this summer. I'm not a great cook but I can definitely do salads. I also liked the logo you created using Diana's wonderful photo.

Have a great day!


Welcome back to the cooking club, and again, thanks for the beautiful logo.

Maria, I wished I had thought of the red onion. I bet it would have added a nice bite.


Thank you for the logo. Your salad looks fabulously delicious!

Wow! Am I invited for lunch?
This looks simply delicious. What a pretty salad!


In a word - Yum!! I love fruits in my salads. Blood oranges are a little hard to come by in NS, which is unfortunate because they are my favourite oranges!

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