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PhotoHunt - book(s)


This is a photo of my paternal grandmother's devotional missal. She died when I was three years old and I have no memory of her other than the many photos that I've seen of her with the ever growing family. I remember seeing this missal at my childhood home and thinking how small and heavy it was compared to my larger and lighter missal.

It is bound in mother-of-pearl with a blue cross on the cover, written in Spanish with prayers for Mass, Confession, Communion and Holy Week. The title page says “La Joya de los Elegidos" (The jewel of the Chosen). Authored by J.A. De Lavalle and printed in Paris by G. Jeener.


There's no publication date on the missal but a Google search revealed that similar devotional missals were published between 1890 and 1910. I treasure this beautiful missal and keep it as a tangible memento of my abuelita, whom I was named after.

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What a wonderful treasure to have. I have never seen a missal with a cover like this. It looks like it was well used. Thanks so much for sharing this special story.

ps...Miguel left me a comment on my blog the other day :) It is under my first post - about me.

Maria, This is a wonderful post, how special for you to have this missal, to remind you of your grandmother. It has such a unique and beautiful cover, I loved reading about it.

It is so beautiful! Love the mother of pearl and the blue cross.

Oh my - how lovely! :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, what a wonderful memento that you have to remind you of your grandmother. That is a beautiful missal. I love the mother of pearl and blue cross cover too.

A perfect and beautiful choice for this week's theme Maria!

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful family treasure. And how cool to learn that you were named after your grandmother.


Oh Maria, what a treasure indeed, how wonderful that you have it! I've never seen a book with such a cover, it's absolutely gorgeous. Very cool to learn you were named after your abuelita (and cool to learn a new word too!)

That is such a wonderful family treasure, I am glad you have it!

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