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PhotoHunt - plastic

Street vendors in Naples selling all sorts of plastic toys and balloons, during the feast of San Gennaro.


An Italian cat sleeping on a blue plastic tarp, in one of the villages in the Cinque Terre.


Happy weekend! :)

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Hi Maria, love all the colors in the first picture and very cute picture of how you tied in the cat sleeping on the blue tarp. Thank you for stopping by and all your nice comments, and by all means, please use the Italian for the day widgit. I found it on another blog. That is how we all share :). The background has a link up in the top left hand corner of my blog.

Awesome photo of that feast! Great colors. I see those two green Teletubbies to the left; I saw those for sale in Milan outside the Duomo and was surprised that Teletubbies had made it to Italy - funny to see them again!

And what a sweet cat - looks like my LuLu. I went to visit a cat sanctuary today...an amazing place taking care of 200 homeless cats. I'll be blogging about it soon, I'm sure. I didn't come home with a cat but it sure was tempting. :)

Hope you're having a great weekend!

The Naples picture is a lot of fun. I bet the kids love the toys.

Blue tarps are actually kinda funny up here in the NW. We take them camping a lot to give us shelter even in the summer when it rains. I can't see a blue tarp without thinking about being outside in the summer.

Have a great weekend.

Great photos! The feast of San Gennaro looks like a lot of fun and that cat looks so comfy!

Both of your photos are so great for the plastic theme. I couldn't even particpate because I couldn't think of anything unique. I should have thought of the tarps-Alaska is the tarp capital of the world I think.

Great shots! I bet that is one happy cat - I can only imagine the heat it was getting off of the tarp!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, great choices for this week's theme. In the first photo what a beautiful collection of shapes and colors for the children to choose from. The feast of San Gennaro sounds wonderful. And on your second photo I immediately thought of Annie's Lulu. He/she looks so relaxed sleeping on the blue tarp.

Wonderful photos and great choices for this week's theme Maria!

Have a great long weekend!

Great pictures for this week. :)

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