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PhotoHunt - walking

Venice 2008

Walking over the Grand Canal on the Ponte della Costituzione, aka Calatrava Bridge.


Two men walking behind a statue being carried from the church of SS. Giovanni e Paolo to a location behind the church.


Happy hunting and a great weekend to everyone! :)

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Is that the new bridge? Excellent photo! BTW - love the new header shot too.


Kim, yes, it is the new bridge connecting the train station to Piazzale Roma.

Great bridge shot. And I love how you tied it in with the local event. Nice take on Walking Theme.

Love both of your pictures, great take on this weeks theme. That must be the new bridge?? Can't wait to see it, going to Venice next spring !


Sandra, yes, it is the new bridge. I'm thrilled to hear that you are planning a trip to Venice. Springtime in Venice must be absolutely lovely.

Great photos. I think I'm in the minority but I actually like that new bridge esp at night.

And could you tell what the statue was? That's a cool thing to see!

Happy weekend!


Annie, I also like the new bridge, I find it both harmonious and sleek.

I'll have to zoom in on the original photo but I think it could have been a Madonna and Child. They were walking at a fast pace and the two guys in the back looked as if they were escorting the statue.

Great choices, Maria. I love the way your captured the bridge.

Really great photos for this week! :)

Great selections for 'walking'. I can't wait to go back to Venice to see the new bridge - having read so much fuss and bother about the bridge as it was being planned and constructed FOREVER it would be cool to see it in its finished glory.

Kathy (Trekcpari):

Hi Maria, great choices for this week's PH theme! I loved the angle on the photo you took of the new bridge. It was still being constructed when I was there in 2007 and it is really nice to see it completed. I also think it is so cool that you got a photo of the two men carrying the statue to a new location in your second photo. Very interesting shot.

Have a great Sunday Maria!


Wonderful photos, Maria -- I'm also curious to see the new bridge!

Great choices for this week's theme!

Also love the angle of your shot of the new bridge. This is the first photo I have seen of it. It looks beautiful.


What a great photo of the new bridge! I would love to go back to Venice to see it!

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