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Two kittens

My daughter phoned me yesterday, on her way to my home to spend Mother's Day with me, and told me that she had with her two kittens. Polaris works in an animal clinic and oftentimes a client brings a stray mama cat and her litter to the clinic to get them out of harm's way and hoping that the clinic staff will find someone who will adopt them.

The kittens, both males, are three weeks old and were left orphaned after their mom died, apparently hit by a car. Since they are so tiny, they have to be fed every six hours. They couldn't be left alone over the weekend so my daughter brought them home with her.


I was thrilled to spend Mother's Day in company of my two kids, my DIL and two cute baby kittens. Polaris fed them, and then we watched them play, sleep, fight, pee and poop. My daughter and her co-worker named them Edward and Jacob after the characters in Twilight but these are temporary names, I hope.

My son and his wife fell in love instantly with the tuxedo kitty; it reminded them so much of Tux.


The kittens are back at the clinic today but will be going to my daughter's home in the evenings because they still need to be fed in the middle of the night. When they are a bit older, they will be put up for adoption by the clinic. They are very selective in their adoption screening so it will be a while before they find a permanent home.


They are both adorable but I have to confess that I had a soft spot for the grey kitty. His little face with the tiny ears melted my heart. :)


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The willpower necessary to keep those kittens out of home was unchartable.

Oh Maria, they are so cute! What a great addition to your mother's day with your kids!I do hope they find a good home, they are adorable!

LOL at Pablo's comment. I bet it took a ton of willpower not to keep these precious babies!

They are SO adorable. I love the photo of them in the vase. So tiny! I agree that there is something very special about that little grey guy. Glad to know that the clinic will make sure they go to good home(s).

This makes me nostalgic for the kitten days now that I'm into the adolescent phase with Maria. :)

Thanks for sharing them with us!


Now THEY are what I call babies!

Oh my.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, wow they are so young and adorable. The photo with them in the cup is precious! And the video showing them walking about is so adorable too. That is very nice of your daughter to take them home until they are old enough to be adopted.

It must be so hard to resist not taking them home. Wonderful post Maria!


Oooohh, How tempting!


Are you sure you can resist that little gray guy!

If it were me, I would take them both home!

Barb Cabot:

Oh My goodness...these little babies are so cute!


Maria, they are so adorable. Thanks for these wonderful photos! It must have been really hard not to keep at least one of them (the black one looks like a feisty little character, but the grey one just claws at my heart!)

Updates, please!

I had to come back and watch the video again. It is so cute the way they are waddling along!

Thanks everyone for your comments. I wish I could bring the grey kitten home with me but my husband and I have decided against having a dog or cat in our home, at least for a couple of years.

I know that both kittens will be going to good homes when they are old enough to be adopted. I hope that someone will come along and keep them together.

I’ll go visit them soon at the clinic and take a few photos for an update post but first I’ll have to stock-up on willpower. :)


I know what you mean about being petless in a certain time frame, but those kitties are precious nonetheless, I'm glad you could give them a weekend home.

Maria - they are amazing. I know that if I had them in our house for even 30 seconds they would have been there for good! LOL


Maria!!! They are sooo cute!!! ♥ I love watching them toddle around in the video, and the photos are adorable. I hope they find a wonderful home! I think the little grey one would steal my heart too. Like Annie, I am missing the baby stage now that Polly is a year old.

By the way, the pattern on your cup is exactly like my pretty wine jug (and other pieces) - great minds and all that :)

Wow! They are so cute and heartwarming. I loved the picture of them in the cut.

Late in commenting... they are adorable!! I also feel fast for the gray one. You have wonderful willpower to not keep one of them. I really enjoyed this post :)


I am really late in commenting! That little gray kitty has stolen my heart. I am seriously considering adopting a cat. It has been 5 years since we lost Sam & I think that I am ready for another cat!

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