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Chat Noir

After finding this game on Azahar's blog, I spent what seemed like a long time trying to keep the cute black kitten from running away. Elusive cat ... but I finally caught him! I think the kitty is a boy, after our own Elvis (see below).

~play at your own risk~

Here's my son's chat noir. Elvis is a little older than Tux but younger than Spice. I love petting him, with his silky smooth black coat.


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He's the chat-est of chats!

Ooohh.. that is addictive. No luck yet. And your sone has a lovely Chat noir.


Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, your son's cat is a real cutie. I'll have to try the game again tonight. :)

Fun post! Have a great day!

Love the name Elvis for a cat! He's a beauty. I haven't figured the game out yet. :)

I'd be more upset about losing almost always if the little cat scampering away didn't make me laugh.

Elvis is a cutie.
And no luck yet with the game.


Oh dear, that is addictive, but fun - thanks for the link! Elvis is gorgeous, what a handsome boy!!! Love his name too :)

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