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Dismantling the Sun in the Valley of the Sun

Found this interesting video of the de-installation of Chihuly's Sun at the Desert Botanical Garden. The exhibit ended on May 31st. The temperatures that week were just about hitting the 100 degree mark. I can only imagine how much Team Chihuly was looking forward to returning to Seattle. It's a dry heat and 100 degrees is a real scorcher!

Dale Chihuly's The Sun, stood sentry over the Ottosen Entry Garden at Desert Botanical Garden for more than six months. With more than 1,200 separate pieces of glass and an armature weighing in at thousands of pounds, this sculpture was one of the more monumental on display. Watch as Team Chihuly dismantles the sculpture and prepares it for shipment back to the Chihuly Studio in Seattle.

And here's another interesting video on the dismantling of the Chiostro di Sant' Apollonia Chandelier. I regret not having photographed the gorgeous chandelier.

Dale Chihuly's Chiostro di Sant' Apollonia Chandelier once hung over the canals in Chihuly Over Venice. It made a spectacular addition to the Sybil B. Harrington Succulent Gallery at Desert Botanical Garden. Team Chihuly carefully dismantles the sculpture for shipment back to the Chihuly Studio in Seattle.

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It sure looks like a lot of work, and 100 F, that is HOT.

Thanks for sharing the interesting videos, Maria.

I loved being able to see how they take the exhibit apart. That is a lot of work and in that hot sun. Thank you Maria for sharing this, it is a great follow up, of all of your photos from the show to see the other end of it.

I really enjoyed watching both of these videos. It is amazing how they take apart each of the pieces. I wonder how long it took to take the first piece apart. The second one made me wonder if the individual glass shapes are color coded at the end (sort of like the fake Christmas trees). Thanks so much for posting these videos.

I really love his work!! :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, very interesting look at what is involved in dismantling these fabulous pieces. I really like the music in the background of both videos!

Have a great Friday!

That is so cool that you got to see the Sant' Apollonia piece in person; I linked to a photo of it when I posted about those cloisters. Glad the Venice pieces are moving around the world now (though I wish that at least one of them was still there so we could see it).

Thanks for posting the videos. I've only seem a little bit of the work that goes into constructing the pieces. I think Chihuly doesn't do a lot of the work - even the glass blowing. He does the design and direction. I have a friend that used to work for him but did work in plastic. Chihuly has several pieces on one of the Disney cruise ships. They had to be done in plastic instead!

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