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Happy Birthday to my mom


Sunday June 28 will be a very special day for my family; it marks my mom’s 90th birthday. We will be visiting her in the morning. My brother, Rafi, will play the piano and we will serenade her, singing many of her favorite songs. In the evening we will be attending a Mass given in her honor at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in downtown Atlanta. Following Mass, the entire clan will have a celebratory dinner at an Italian restaurant. No one in our family has reached the venerable age of 90, so this is a big occasion for us.

I wanted to post a photo of my mom when she was a tiny baby but her baby pictures are at my brother’s house. Last year, on Mother's Day, I posted one of my favorite photos of her. This one was taken on the day my brother Miguel got married in 1972. I also like this photo; my mom looks so elegant and sophisticated and she's at the home I grew up, surrounded by some of her favorite antique furniture that she loved and enjoyed having.


¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Mami!

Today we have another reason to celebrate: it's my son's 30th birthday. Here's Pablo at four months old on his first visit to Paris.


Bon Anniversaire, Pablo!

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Happy birthday to your son and your mom. Your mom does looks so elegant in that photo, how exciting to celebrate 90!


Feliz cumpleanos a tu Mama.

90! WOW. I am visiting my Mom in the Philippines in August. She is only 88. :)

Happy Birthday to Mami and to Pablo! I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family.


What a lovely birthday celebration you have planned for your Mom's 90th.

My Mom almost made it to 90 - she was six weeks from her birthday when she passed away.

I guess both you and I have good genes though.

Happy Birthday to your mother and son. It sounds like a wonderful day planned. BTW, I love the dress she is wearing. It is so elegant.


Ahh, that photo of Pablo is adorable!! :) And you're right, your Mom looks tres elegant and sophisticated!

Happy Birthday to both!!!

Barb Cabot:

A very blessed and happy birthday to your lovely mother and to your son. This post touched my heart and made me teary. Hearing your description of your mom in the photo and the home you grew up in brought back so many personal remembrances of those kinds of happy times. Enjoy your time with the family. I know these are treasured moments.

90 is a wonderful landmark birthday! Happy belated birthday to both your mom and to Pablo.

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