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My Moroccan rugs

Back in March I blogged about my Moroccan souvenirs and mentioned that we have brought back two Berber rugs but I couldn't post a picture of them since they were in a shop being framed. It took almost two months to get them back, which seems a long time, but considering the amount of work involved, it was worth the wait.

It took us about two weeks to decide where to hang the framed rugs. The great room in our home has three transom windows facing south and during the fall and winter months, the sun shines thru them and brings a lot of light directly to the walls and floors creating some interesting patterns. We didn't want to hang the rugs on a wall subject to a lot of light for fear that in time the beautiful colors would start fading.

After considering all the possible locations, we settled for the only place in our home where there are no windows: the wall of the foyer. We hung them on each side of the entry door.

We bought the rugs from Mohamed, who is part owner of Coin Berbère, a shop in the medina in Fez. The rugs are embellished with geometric motifs, composed of lozenges and saw-tooth lines. Yellow bands run along the edges, decorated with diamonds.

It gives me so much pleasure to glance everyday at the rugs turned artwork, with their rich, natural dye colors and warm tones. They are a daily reminder of our wonderful trip to a land scented by mint and cumin.




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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, your two Berber rugs are really beautiful and from your photos you found the perfect spot for them. A daily reminder of your trip to a very special place! I love the colors and patterns and the frame you selected for them is also perfect.

Thank you for sharing two additional moroccan treasures with us.

Have a great evening!

Oh, they are so beautiful. Love the colors and the designs of both of them. They really look wonderful in frames and hanging on the wall.

Oh Maria, the rugs are so beautiful! And I like the location you chose for them.Stunning!

Maria, They are both so beautiful. I can see why you were so excited to have them back in your home, after they had been framed. They look perfect where you chose to hang them. What a perfect reminder for you to see each day.

Maria, these are gorgeous! The colors are exactly what I would have picked. I have a lot of Guatemalan textiles in warm colors like that.

Thanks everyone for your comments. Textiles are a great souvenir to bring back since they take so little space.

Chiocciola, I can imagine how beautiful your Guatemalan textiles are. I went there in 1977 and remember the gorgeous, vibrant colors and the different textures of the materials used. I still have a wool bag I bought in Chichicastenango.

Those rugs are gorgeous.

Here's the berber rug I bought when I was in Asilah last February (12 euros). I never thought of framing them, just nailed it to the wall.

My Moroccan Rug


Those are lovely. I adore when textiles are framed and hung


Maria, those are gorgeous! I love how you have them displayed, very creative. The colours and patterns are so vibrant and dynamic, just wonderful!

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