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PhotoHunt - advertisement

The Osborne Bull (el Toro de Osborne) is the silent advertisement of the Osborne Group, makers of sherry and brandy. According to Wikipedia, there are approximately 89 Osborne bulls placed alongside roads all over Spain, Andalucía having the most.

I remember seeing a large number of them alongside the expressways. I tried many times to snap a picture but it was difficult and dangerous to stop on the shoulder of the highway. I finally had the opportunity to take a photo when we came upon this one at the top of a hill on our way to Gibraltar.


And this one on the road from Jerez de la Frontera to Cadiz.


Happy weekend to everyone! :)

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I remember these. They also remind me of the movie Jamon, Jamon. I don't remember the plot but seem to remember the signs playing a funny part in the movie.

Great take on the theme, Maria. Love the photos!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, great theme photo selections! I didn't know about Osborne bulls in Spain. It would've been cool to see one of the them but maybe they were along the train routes! :)

Have a great weekend!

Now that's a great one for today's theme. Have a good weekend. :)


How very interesting! And great advertising!

Hi Maria, I am sure that bull is large and well noticed! great shot. Interesting way of advertising.

Great photos and I love the whole concept of silent advertising. That company must be doing very well to be able to put those wordless bulls all over!

And thanks for the info about Bimbo bakery. I took the photo one morning on my way to work; I saw that truck in the parking lot of the post office and pulled over (I thought it was cute!). There's a Hispanic grocery nearby so maybe that's where it was heading. Fun to know that their products are similar to Twinkies!

And about Charlotte...I think the cat sanctuary is probably about a two-hour drive from Charlotte. It's five miles north of a little town called Pittsboro which is south of Chapel Hill, NC. If you and your cousin decide to visit the cats, please let me know and I'll meet you there!

Interesting idea as an advertisement. It would be fun to count how many you spot on your trip. Great take on the theme this week.

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