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Locks of my hair

The summer of my freshman year in college I went to my aunt, who owned a beauty salon, and asked her to cut my hair short. I had very long hair and was beginning to get tired of it. I was spending much of the summer at the beach and I wasn't looking forward to washing my hair every day. After I told her how short I wanted it cut, she grabbed two rubber bands, tied my hair in a ponytail and with scissors in hand she snipped! Then she handed me the ponytail as a memento of my first ever short-short haircut. I've kept the locks all these years and I find it amazing that they haven't been lost in the seven times I've changed homes since that summer of 1972.

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WOW, how fantastic that you saved that after all these years? Did you feel a little bit of regret after you saw the ponytail? :)

Eden, yes, I did but it was short-lived. Later in the day I enjoyed the liberty that came with not having to worry about how my hair looked after a day in the sun and sand.

What a lovely memento of your youth. Don't lose it.

I bet your heart was in your throat with that fast snip! Nice photo and it's amazing how pretty your hair is after all this time.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Wow Maria! That minute of snip must have been hard. I am amazed that your hair still looks nice,and you still have it, after all these years.

I love that you still have your locks of hair. It looks like it was beautiful. That is very cool that you still have it. Great post for the theme this week!!

Didn't realize you were there during the Jubilee year also. That would have been cool if we knew each other and met then.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, cool photo and very creative choice for this week's theme. That's a very long lock of your pretty hair! That was nice that your hairdresser gave it to you and what a great momento.

Have a great Sunday!

What a great photo and story!

I was staying with my relatives up north two weeks ago and both my mother and my sister ahd their hair kepot as a momento - we were looking at family memories. :)

My mother;s was from when she enlisted at age 19!

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