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Sunday Salad Samplers - Shrimp Salad


This week's salad was chosen by Jan of Keep your Feet in the Street. She described her shrimp salad as "simple, summery and good".

I made the salad Friday night to share with a group of friends. I doubled the recipe to ensure that there were enough leftovers for me to eat the following day. I had enough for my lunch the next day and for a sandwich on toasted ciabatta for my husband.

I made only two substitutions: sliced radishes were used instead of celery and I added equal parts mayonnaise and sour cream to make the dressing. My choice of herb was baby dill.

Thanks Jan for a great tasting summery salad!


Shrimp Salad

1 pound extra large shrimp (16-20)fresh, wild if you can find them.
1 tablespoon Old Bay seasoning
¼ cup mayo
1 tablespoon ketchup
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill, tarragon or parsley.
1 large stalk celery chopped
¼ large red pepper chopped
salt and pepper

Steam the shrimp for about 5 minutes in water with Old Bay.
When cool enough to handle, remove shells and chop into about 5 or 6
pieces per shrimp.
Mix the rest of the ingredients in a medium bowl. Toss in the chopped shrimp and chill.

Serve over a bed of lettuce of your choice.

Comments (5)


It looks yummy, Maria!

I used tarragon and parsley this time, but I would like to try dill when I make it again.

Yum! Your piece of shrimp is just calling me!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, your salad looks so delicious. I made this salad for a potluck later today too, but I had to tripple mine to make sure there was enough (and for leftovers for lunch tomorrow too! :))

I noticed you left your shrimp whole. That looks really good too! And I have to say your left over sandwhich you made for your husband sounds good too.

Have a great Sunday!


It looks really different with the whole shrimp - I may try it that way next time, because this one is a keeper for sure.

I bet that sandwich was great. I like the sour cream idea and the way the whole shrimp look. I am really enjoying making all these salads!

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