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A salad and a recipe for each day of the week

I've been catching up with all the tasty and delicious recipes from the Salad Samplers. As you can see, it's been a very productive week in my kitchen.

Marcia's Grilled Chicken Salad with Tarragon Pesto. Easy and delicious. The leftover pesto is great on pasta!


Nancy's Watermelon Salad. I made this one last night for three of my friends and we all loved it. Perfect summer salad!


Candi's Ceviche. I made this light and healthy recipe for lunch last week and had to almost wrestle with my husband for a second serving!


Teaberry's Israeli Salad. Refreshing and so flavorful!


When it was my turn, I chose Thai Beef Salad. My niece Isabel made this salad


and also a shrimp version.

Palma's Tropical Rice Salad. Great tasting rice salad with fresh veggies and fruit and a delicious citrusy dressing. I used fresh pineapple and with the leftover fruit I made David Lebovitz's recipe for Piña Colada Sherbet. We had this salad with grilled salmon in jalapeño glaze. The entire meal was very yummy!


Spicy Glass Noodle

I first read about this salad back in June in Candi's blog when she was blogging about her wonderful visit to Chiang Mai. She and her husband took a cooking lesson in a beautiful outdoor setting. Candi's photos of the mouthwatering dishes had me craving some tasty and spicy Thai food. I was particularly attracted to a salad made with glass noodles.

Candi generously shared the recipe with me and I immediately made it at home. A few weeks later, when I was in Atlanta, my niece Isabel made it using the same recipe. I think I overcooked the noodles in my salad because they turned out kind of mushy and difficult to separate. I watched Isabel when she made the salad and she soaked the noodles in water for 24 hrs, and I think she put them in boiling water for just about a minute. She used chicken and served it over a bed of Romaine lettuce. Delicious and refreshing!

This is a great recipe, flavorful and easy to make. Thanks for sharing, Candi!


The measurements are in grams and I used my weight conversion scale to weight the ingredients. I used an online conversion website and wrote the equivalences in parenthesis.

Spicy Glass Noodle

100 g (3.5 oz) glass noodles
70g (2.5 oz) boiled minced pork / chicken or seafood (I used a bit more meat, @ 4oz)
50 g tomato (diced) (I used one medium tomato)
50 g (1.8oz) jelly mushrooms (mine had shiitake mushrooms)
20 g (.7oz) coriander and spring onion (I didn't weigh these ingredients, I estimated how much to put in)
1-2 Tbsp lemon juice
1-1 Tbsp fish sauce
2-3 chopped small green chilies
1-2 Tbsp sugar

1. Soak glass noodles in cold water for 5 minutes then cook in hot water for 2-3 minutes.
2. Remove, and put into cold water for 1 minute. Strain and put into bowl into 1-2 inch lengths.
3. Boil minced pork/chicken/sea food or prawns until it is cooked. Combine glass noodles, minced pork, lemon juice, fish sauce, sugar, Jelly mushrooms, spring onion, coriander, tomato and chilies, mix well.
**Serve cold with hot steamed rice and good to go with beer

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Yum! You have been busy and also eating very well this week. I enjoyed reliving all these great salads we've had this summer. I agree with you about that tarragon pesto - it was great on pasta.

The glass noodle salad looks great. I've used those to make spring rolls before but not a salad; I want to try that one.

I've enjoyed Salad Samplers so much!

Wow, Maria! You have been a busy cook! What delicious foods you've been making! Your family must be thrilled!

I am glad you enjoyed the glass noodles salad, and I did finally find the glass noodles at the market here, maybe I can make it soon.

Thanks for sharing your photos and tips.

Annie, I also enjoyed making each one of the salads and I'm looking forward to making them again for the rest of the summer.

Candi, my husband has been very impressed with the great selection of salads. I want to make the glass noodle salad again now that I know not to overcook the noodles. Thanks again for sharing the recipe. :)


Oh. my. goodness. My mouth is so watering right now!! I am SO disappointed I wasn't able to attend this fabulous feast! LOL ;)

Hey Anne, if you come over to Arizona I'll fix all these salads for you! ;)


Titi these entries make me sooo hungry!!! These look so tasty!

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