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PhotoHunt - artificial

Plastic fruits and vegetables hanging from the lattice at the Kosher Club "Le Balthazar ". The photo was taken the day Anne and I visited the Jewish Ghetto in Venice.


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Nice take on "artificial". I wouldn't have even guessed that was Italy.


It's a sukkah! Fun photo.

It looks so tropical! I wouldn't have guessed it was Venice either. Cool shot!

Great pic for this week. :)

Interesting photo. It wouldn't have guessed Venice either but it makes sense now with Amy's clue.

What a lovely shot!So tropical!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, cool photo and a great selection for this week's theme! I also like the decorations to the pole and the palms. What a wonderful place to visit. I can see the canal just outside on the other side.

Have a great Sunday!

I would have guessed it was taken in Spain or maybe Puerto Rico. Great take on the theme this week!


I remember this!! Thanks for reminding me of a wonderful day spent with a wonderful woman :)

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