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Sunday Salad Samplers - Tortellini Salad


Eighteen weeks of delicious salads come to a conclusion with a great recipe, Tortellini Salad by Ida (Vico Girl).

1 lb or a little bit more Fresh or frozen tortellini or a Barilla bag of dry tortellini
Boil as per package instructions and set aside.Don't overboil them! COOL them down a bit. (I used fresh tricolored).

In a very very large bowl mix together:

1 container of pearl or small sized fresh mozzarella balls ( I buy mine from Sam's Club or BJ's)

16 oz jar of Julienne cut Calif sundried tomatoes in oil ( I use 3/4 of the jar)plus the oil! Just pour the oil into the bowl.

4 cloves garlic chopped superfine

1 large bunch Italian parsley chopped fine

1 jar black dried olives in oil pitted and sliced ( this takes a while)

16 oz jar (or larger from costco) Marinated Artichokes cut into pieces ( i think mine was 24oz)

1 jar marinated red peppers cut in strips if you want ( I stopped adding them)

S/P and some extra virgin olive oil

Now that you've mixed the above ingredients well Add cooked tortellini a few scoops at a time mixing well. Cover bowl with glad wrap and refrigerate overnite as it taste even better the following day after the flavors blend together. Serve at room temp! I served mine with grilled shrimp.


The only change I made to the ingredients was to use Spanish piquillo peppers and substituting the marinated artichokes for a big roasted artichoke. I also had in the fridge opened jars of a few of the ingredients so I couldn’t add the exact amounts, so I just added them until I said to myself “basta” (enough). Ida recommends waiting until the next day to serve it, to allow for the flavors to blend together, but after having a sample taste my husband and I concluded that it was too good to wait until the next day. It was a perfectly light and refreshing summer lunch!

Thanks, Ida!

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, your salad looks very delicious so I don't blame you and your husband for not waiting until the next day. :) I couldn't wait either...It was soooo good.

Have a great Sunday evening!

It looks so delicious, and I am sure it was. We also couldn't resist having a small portion the evening I made it. Definitely a winner!

I didn't wait until the next day either. And great minds think alike with the piquillo peppers! I love those things. Have you ever stuffed them with goat cheese and broiled them? Delicious!

No, I've never stuffed them with goat cheese but it sounds delicious! I imagine it is a melt-in-your-mouth little bite.

I am thrilled to see TJ selling these peppers. I used to buy them at Whole Foods and as you can imagine, they were very pricey.

I was happy to see them at TJ's too because the first time I bought them at a gourmet store, they were MUCH more expensive. One of our local grocery stores has started carrying them too, about the same prices as TJs. They are such great little peppers.

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