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Unwelcome house guests

If you’re squeamish about insects, skip reading this entry and do not click on the “continue reading ...”

You’d think that after living in Arizona since 1986 I would have already seen scorpions a few times. Well, the truth is that until three weeks ago I had never seen one in my life. At least not live. Some souvenir shops in Arizona sell resin paperweights with a dead scorpion as the main attraction. I’ve heard stories from my son Pablo where he found scorpions in his home and he watched the cats stand in front of it, loudly meowing. I’ve heard from a friend of mine that got stung twice in her home, both times on her foot, and how she was in pain for about a week, with feelings of numbness and tingling. I knew that we should never leave shoes outside overnight because they might become the habitat of a scorpion or a black widow. We always took all precautions to avoid having these kinds of pests come and settle in our home.

We moved to a new home two years ago and since the neighborhood is still being developed, we hired a green pest control company to come and fumigate our home monthly. During the month of June and half of July we requested to have our monthly service put on vacation hold. We returned home but forgot to call back to have it reactivated. Seeing my first ever bark scorpion hanging in a wall by our entrance door was a not too subtle reminder that we needed soon to call the fumigators. I forgot to make the call until Tuesday when we found a bark scorpion in our bed. He had made home in a throw pillow that I had placed on the floor the night before. I freaked out at the thought of having a scorpion in my bedroom! My husband, who is fascinated by all living creatures, placed the scorpion in a jar and kept him on his desk for two days (he said he wanted to watch the scorpion’s behavior and even fed him a cricket).

The fumigating guy came over Wednesday morning. After he left I went over to the pantry and lifted up a bag of dog food (I’m dog-sitting my daughter’s pup) and there I found another bark scorpion. I screamed. My son, who was visiting, witnessed how I almost fainted in disgust. My husband caught the critter and placed him in the jar with scorpion #1. He wanted to see the interaction between the two. At this point I looked at him and said that this was going too far. His experiment with the scorpions, which by now I considered being his “pets”, had to come to an end. I heard the garbage truck coming down the street. I went outside and placed the scorpion jar in the garbage container and off it went to the landfill.

I hope that this is the end of our scorpion saga. If I find another one, I might consider sleeping on a floating chair in the pool until someone assures me that we are scorpion-free. Is this possible in the Sonoran Desert? I can only wish.


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eww,Maria. That would sure make me scream too!

Oh Maria, I can totally relate. Just last week, my husband spotted a mouse(yes a mouse) scurrying underneath our fridge, I refused to enter the kitchen that day, and Bill went and got couple traps, and quess what? He caught three mice within 3 hours in broad day light, at that point, I am not even willing to be in the whole unit, Bill got more traps, caught couple more mice the next day, and that point I got the key to another unit where I can "live" while this mouse thing is fixed, come to find out, there was a little hole where the water line comes to fridge, they sealed it, and we've been mice free, yay! My husband thought my reaction was weird and overboard, but I just not a pests fan I guess.
Noe scorpions, they could hurt. I hope they'll leave your house alone now.

Oh Maria, I felt faint, just reading your story, but when you found the one in your bed, that would do it for me. I would be out of the house and in that pool for sure!! I hope the fumigating men came and took care of the situation.

Crikey mate, I am SO sorry! I sympathise.

I have only seen one once, under a bonsai pot I lifted up when we lived in Sydney.

We ahve white tail biting spiders in our house in summer. The cats are great at finidng them. Then we spray them. They aren't too big.

Poor you! [[[[[hug]]]]


LOL. Forgive me for chuckling over your misfortune, but I can just envision the "pets" discussion!

Hopes for a scorpion-free future!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, Yikes! You actually handled yourself pretty well, I would've screamed, screamed again then checked into motel 6! I am very afraid of spiders, lizzards, and any other kind of bug or insects. I've never seen a scorpion but I'd add them to the list too.

The little floater in the pool sounds nice considering the heat, but hopefully the fumigation will work its magic. I thought that was funny that you tossed your husband's experiementation jar in the passing garbage truck. :)

Have a great Friday and weekend Maria and hope you don't have any more of these Unwelcomed House guests.

It's a very cool photo! I've never seen one before. Do they ever sting people's pets? Maria loves to stalk bugs these days so I'm glad we don't have them around here!

In the movie "A Good Year" the people kept sprigs of lavender on the windowsills to keep the scorpions out. Maybe it will work!
Good Luck!


Maria, that's seriously creepy! I hate bugs and those look especially nasty. I hope you're now free of the problem and that they don't get a chance to come back!!!!

I also like the lavender idea from the movie A Good Year; I wonder if it works?


Eeeew is right! I'm shuddering right this minute at the very thought of finding something like that in my bed. Ick! I hope you are rid of them for good! ((hugs))


Yikes, Maria! I too would freak out!

Barb Cabot:

Seriously creeepy...but I also heard from a blogger friend who lives in Florida that there was an uninvited visitor on the steps of her pool...a snake! Oh my goodness!

Scary guy especially around the house. I don't mind occasionally running into them in the wild but hate it when they are found near the house.

I would have been in that pool that night! How creepy! It took me weeks to feel safe in my car again after finding a centipede. I don't know how you slept until the fumigator came back. And keeping it in a jar!! Good for you to dump it. Ewwwwww!!!!

Thank you everyone for your comments. I'm happy to report that we haven't had a scorpion sighting in four days. I hope it stays that way.

jmisgro, thank you for mentioning the lavender. I didn’t know about it. After searching around the Web it looks like a good natural way to ward off scorpions. I also read about putting rosemary sprigs in places where the scorpions are more likely to hide. I’m going to try this approach, also. If I don’t get rid of the scorpions at least I’ll have a nice fragrance wafting through the house!

Annie, our cats and dogs were never stung by a scorpions but I’ve heard that scorpions will sting pets if they feel menaced by them. My son’s cats were afraid of them and Pablo never saw them getting anywhere close to the scorpions. I've been told that cats can kill scorpions without being stung.

I can imagine how fun it must be to see wild Maria chasing and playing with insects. ;)


I still think you should have kept them together and started a new colony of scorpions to use against any bad neighbors. :)

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