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PhotoHunt - electric

An electrifying performance by Billy Joel & Elton John on the Face 2 Face Tour 2009. The concert was held in the US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix. The photos are a bit fuzzy but we had a great time. Santa left five tickets for our family under our Christmas tree.











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I bet that was a great concert. Both are excellent artists. And a great present. Good take on the theme also. Have a great weekend.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, that was very cool of Santa to leave 5 tickets to see Billy Joel perform. These are great choices for this week's theme. I love the colors of the lights and the staging of his two grand pianos. It must have been a really fun concert.

Have a great day!

Great photos! I saw Elton John and Billy Joel when they came by here ... well in San Jose, California. They were definitely electric!
Mine is finally up too.

Great take on the theme. I bet this was so much fun. I'd love to see both of them and esp. Elton John. I love so many of his songs.

Way to go Santa! And thanks for the tip about Uncle Andy's Cats - I hadn't heard of it and will definitely check it out.

Hope you're having a nice weekend.

Wow!That must have been fabulous!!

I am counting down now, 13 days to go.

I can only imagine what a great concert that must have been.

Maria, Great idea for this weeks theme, and how fun to be able to see both of them in concert. I am such a fan of Elton John. I bet is was fabulous!

Lucky you! I have always wanted to see Elton John. I did see Billy Joel once and had a great time. I bet this was a fabulous concert! Great photos also!!

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