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PhotoHunt - bags


I’ve had this bag since 1977. At the time, I was living in Mexico City, enrolled in the National University. During a school break, Ivan and I decided to head south and visit Guatemala and El Salvador. In Guatemala, we spent a couple of days in the mountain town of Chichicastenango, home to a fabulous market where I bought amazing textiles, very colorful wrap-around skirts and this bag.

While attending grad school, my Guatemalan bag became my book bag and I carried it everyday around the Mexican capital, on the subway and buses and on the university campus.

I keep this bag in my closet, inside a plastic container and once in a while, when I’m feeling a bit hippieish, I bring it out and wear it. The letters that wrap around on the top and bottom of the bag spell out Chichicastenango and Guatemala.


Happy weekend! :)


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I love that bag. It is great that you kept it after all these years... brings back memories.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, that's a cool bag and what a great reminder of your grad school days! Great photos and a wonderful choice for this week's theme.

Have a wonderful Sunday Maria!

Cool bag! I love that you have kept it all these years. 1977 was a long time ago (year I graduated HS).

I love your hippie bag! It's a classic and I can understand why you've kept it. A friend went to Guatamala one time and brought back some beautiful crafts and clothes.

I graduated from high school in '77 too!

I love the bag, Maria!
What great memories it brings to you too.

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