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PhotoHunt - words

I took these photos at the terminal area of the airport in Palermo. These are publicity spots geared to the arriving/departing tourists and are meant to evoke the beauty of Sicily.


“Ah! Those fine summer evenings
that rose so slowly like a fog,
the fresh smell of hay
when you sink your elbows into it,
and the plaintive hum of insects in the twilight,
and those two notes from Jeli's flute...”

from Jeli and the Shepherd by Sicilian writer Giovanni Verga


“Sicily...a land albeit not native,
but to be remembered forever,
and in the sea a water not salty,
and caressingly cold”

from the poem A land albeit not native, by Russian poet Anna Akhmatova.


Comments (7)

Maria, Those are very beautiful words. What a nice way to remember the country.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, great photos and a wonderful take for this week's theme. Both poems paints a very beautiful picture of Sicily. I hope to visit there soon.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Beautiful, and thanks for translating.

Nice photos of words, and thanks for the translations.

Beautiful shots . . . and words!

Have a great weekend.

What a great post, Maria! I love these words. Makes me feel homesick to go to Italy.

Cool photos! Perfect for the theme this week.

I wish I knew the Italian word for hay this summer. I tried to explain hay to my friend Katia (for some reason I can't even remember now). It ended up being like charades but she finally figure it out.

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