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"update your blog!!!!"

cartoon from toothpastefordinner

The title of this entry was the text message my daughter sent me last night. I think she's waiting to see the appetizers she missed making with me the last two weeks. So, to please Polaris and to catch-up with our Sunday Small Bites group, here are the last two recipes I made.

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, that's a cute cartoon and a funny text message you received from your daughter. It's too bad she missed Sunday Small Bites recently. Hopefully she can rejoin you again this coming weekend and the next...

Thank your daughter from us too for nudging you to update your blog. :)


It's true! I missed your blog posts about food :(

Thanks for nudging her, Polaris! That cartoon is so cute. Getting ready to check out your small bites right now...

Cute cartoon.
Your recipes sound and look great too.
Take care.

Love the cartoon! Soooo cute:) I love that your daughter misses you blogging.


SO cute!!! Both the cartoon and that Polaris emailed you to update your blog :)

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