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PhotoHunt - birds

A day late posting my PhotoHunt entry but I wanted to share this photo I took last week while vacationing in San Diego with my daughter. This is one of a number of works in the San Diego Port District's Urban Tree Project. This one is located close to the cruise ship terminal, on North Harbor Drive.

Popcorn Chicken!


artist: Bonn Liang
A 10-foot tall, red and white striped box of popcorn filled with chickens, constructed of Plexiglas, foam and plastic.

Description of the Urban Tree project from the Port of San Diego website:

The Port's Public Art Program conceived this temporary exhibit to punctuate and activate the postcard views of San Diego Bay and invite people to stroll along and enjoy the pedestrian promenade. Artists were invited to apply their creative energies to the design of artistic trees to add color, form, interest and fun to the waterfront.

The 30 artworks were commissioned for the Urban Trees 6 exhibit, which extends for a half mile along Harbor Drive from the Cruise Ship Terminal to Hawthorn Street. Along the way, visitors can enjoy other attractions including the USS Midway, the Maritime Museum of San Diego, San Diego Harbor Excursion, Hornblower Cruises & Events and outstanding waterfront dining.

Many Urban Trees from past exhibits have found new homes in corporate and community settings as well as with private collectors. All artworks are available for purchase at exhibit end.

Happy Sunday! :)

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Interesting art. I can just imagine your first reaction. Definitely a creative post for the theme this week :)

That is such a cool and funky sculpture. I love it!

Hope you had a wonderful trip. Sorry you couldn't blog while you were there but am glad that our blogs are finally working again.

About the Torcello well-head, there is another square one in Venice, in Castello, with a relief of John the Baptist on the side. I'll post a photo sometime soon.

I hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday this week!

Cool sculpture. I am glad you had a nice vacation.

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