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PhotoHunt - technology

This is Chispa (Sparky), my 2008 Prius. I traded-in a car that required premium gasoline at a time when fuel prices were over $4.00/gallon. As you can see from the second photo, the hybrid technology makes Chispa extremely fuel efficient, averaging 47 miles/gallon. I have an Arizona alternative fuel license plate that allows me to drive on the HOV lane at any time, even if I'm the only passenger in my car.




Happy weekend to everyone! :)


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I did not know you had a Prius. That is great. We have a 2003 Honda Hybrid and love it. We have about 90,000 on it and it is still going strong.

That is a cool looking car!

Sparky is very handsome. Congratulations! I thought about a hybrid for a long time but in the end went with a non-hybrid. I just don't drive enough miles and had more difficulty seeing out of the back when test driving one. I didn't know that you can drive in the HOV lanes. Cool! I wonder if that is true here also.

Hi Sparky! My next car is going to be a hybrid and probably a Prius. I have a Toyota Rav 4 right now and love Toyotas overall.

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