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Today we traveled about 45 minutes on the subway to reach the hip and cool hill of Montmartre. The butte of Montmartre is the highest point in Paris and the views from the Basilica of Sacre Coeur are simply spectacular.

I'll blog later about the magnificent Basilica and the charming winding streets, squares and terraces but I wanted to share now some photos of the picturesque old village square of Place du Tertre where artists and portraitist set up their easels each day to sell their work.




The square at night with the holiday lights.



These Santa photos were taken today at the Place du Tertre and are for my friend Anne: Santa Claus also likes to hang from the window sills in Paris! I love the smallish Santa coming down with a parachute. So cute!






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Your photos are gorgeous! I love these hanging Santas, adorable.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, wonderful photos. It looks so pretty with all the blue lights. And the hanging Santas are so adorable. I think Anne will love them. She recently posted the one you both saw while in Venice. So cute.

Sounds like you are really enjoying yourselves in Paris. I'm really enjoying reading your posts a lot. Gives me a little of Paris for the Holidays...


Maria, those fleeing Santas are so droll -- wonderful! And the lights of Montmarte are beautiful!

Too funny that there are hanging Santas in Paris too. This looks like so much fun!


Thanksfor sharing these photos.Maria. I love those Santas and the evening shots of the square.


I too love all of the Santas!

If we ever get to Paris, Montmartre is one of the things I really want to see.

Thank you for sharing it with us.


LOL, they are so cute! I wonder where and why this tradition of hanging Santas got started? Thanks for thinking of me :)

The square with the holiday lights is gorgeous. I will have to remember to visit this area if (when?!) I ever make it to Paris.

When I was in Paris in 1999, I can't remember now if I got lost going to or leaving Montmartre (went there one evening). My memory is of these two nice French sailors/soldiers (soldiers in sailor outfits or so I thought) helping me find the way so I would not end up in the Red Light district.

I love your photos! Montmartre is so beautiful in the winter time with all of the lights. Cool Santa photos!

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