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The Epiphany

I meant to post this entry on January 6, on the day we celebrate the Epiphany but it was our last day in Paris and we left the apartment in a hurry to try to make the most of our day.

These two Adoration of the Magi are from the Italian Collection at the Louvre Museum. The photos were taken exactly a week ago, on my second visit to the museum. The Louvre was slightly less crowded after the New Year but it was still a struggle to appreciate the works of art without having a group and their guide get in the middle.

A detached fresco by Bernardino Luini (1485-1532)

A closer look.

A painting by Pietro Lorenzetti (c. 1280 - 1348) that was part of a portable retable.

A photo of a few galette des rois (king’s cake), a cake made for the festivity of the Epiphany. It is made of puff pastry and can be plain or filled with an almond flavored paste called frangipane. We saw many patisseries selling these cakes on the days leading to January 6.

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, the fresco by Bernardino Luini and the painting by Pietro Lorenzetti are so beautiful. It must have been a great experience to be able to see them in person. It's been many years since I visited the Louvre but I remember how crowded it was. I'm glad you were able to visit it again when there were less people. And the King's cakes looks really delicous. Sounds like a pretty festive week to be in Paris.

Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful photos Maria. Have a great evening.

Thanks for sharing this with us. I love the fresco and the paintings, and I bet these cakes taste great. Did you have some?

I've heard of king's cakes but never actually seen one; those are beautiful! So are the paintings. I too remember the crowds in the Louvre and that I barely scratched the surface of that collection.

Hope you are over your jet lag!

Kathy, it was indeed very festive and we both loved seeing Paris with more lights than usual. The week after Christmas is a very popular and fabulous time to be in Paris. I loved seeing the city with snow, even though I had a hard time coping with the cold weather.

Candi, I didn’t have the opportunity to taste the cake since the patisseries were selling the cakes whole and I would have liked to have just a slice of one. I did eat many other delicious pastries, including a very decadent crème brulee. Wish I could have one right now!

Annie, I thought the cakes were quite elegant looking, topped by the crowns. I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of works of art at the Louvre. All in all, I think we spent a total of 10 hours over the two visits and only saw the Italian and Spanish artists and a very small section of the French collection. I was blown away by the Winged Victory of Samothrace with its amazing flowing lines and beautiful wings.

I think I’m almost over the jet lag. Funny that as the years go by it takes longer to get back to my time zone. I’m sleepy at 8pm and wake up at 5am. I think the fact that the days are so short isn’t helping me shake the jet lag.


Wonderful photos from the Louvre, Maria! The colours are so rich.

Interesting that the Louvre is so busy and crowded, even in January! I wonder if there were a lot of school trips/tours? When I visited the Vatican Museums in January 2008, it was a completely different experience than visits at more popular times of year.

On the other hand, you were at the Louvre very close to the Christmas holidays, so that would certainly account for much of the bustle!

The cakes look so good -- I hadn't before heard of king's cakes!

Beautiful fresco and painting. I would love to go back and spend a week just at the Louvre! So much to see.

I have never heard of galette des rois (king’s cake). Do you know if they also have king's cake in Spain and Italy?

The cold would have been very difficult for me also. One reason why I will probably always miss out with visiting Italy at Christmas time.

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