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Welcome Elizabeth!


This post is dedicated to my dear blog friend Kathy who will become a new cat-mommy today. She has been arduously preparing for this special moment for awhile and it's finally here! Congratulations Kathy and "meow" to Elizabeth. I am looking forward to reading your kitten posts and seeing new pictures of Elizabeth in her happily ever after home.

artwork by polaris =^.^=

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, wow thank you so much for your wonderful post welcoming Elizabeth. And thank you Polaris for creating such a beautiful Welcome Home sccrapbook poster. That is really cool how you used her photo from PetFinder. I will have to show her former parents all of these wonderful posts so they will know that Elizabeth will be in loving hands. I think it will bring them great comfort to know this.

Thanks so much Maria & Polaris. I will make sure to take some more recent photos of Elizabeth in her "new" home. :) Have a great weekend!

Yay! It's great being a virtual kitty aunt, isn't it? I love Polaris' artwork!

I hope you are doing okay and safe travels if you ended up going to PR. Talk soon, Annie

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I wanted to thank you for coming up with Elizabeth's Virtual Kitty Shower. Annie told me. :) This was such a wonderful surprise and I was really touched by your idea and everyone's well wishes.

Elizabeth is one lucky cat to have such a fabulous and fun Virtual Kitty Party thrown for her and I will make sure that she knows it was her new virtual auntie Maria's idea and that all of her new blogging friends and cousins came to her party to welcome her. Now, she will really feel right at home here.

I think the only one more of a whimp than me is one of my co-workers who can literally cry in a split second when things touches her. I started to tear up when I started to read the first blog post by Barb because I saw the photo on my blog roll that looked exactly like Elizabeth. And then as I started to see everyone's posts on my blog roll and started reading each one, well it pretty much snowballed from there on each time I read a post and it continues each time I am writing a comment . . .

Thank you so much Maria for throwing this wonderful surprise Virtual Party for Elizabeth. Snowball time again... Have a great weekend.

What an adorable card!


I love this vitual shower idea. Your welcome poster is awesome!


Love the artwork!! What a wonderful idea this virtual shower was, Maria.

Cute post, Maria!

I didn't know about the virtual kitty shower until I read posts today.

I would LOVE to meet Elvis the black kitten!

Also wanted to make sure you know about the ST March Madness '"blog everyday" challenge. There's a thread about it on Slow Talk, and I figure you've been too busy to check the message board lately. I'm in but honestly, I'll be happy if I can manage to blog five days a week rather than everyday. You said something about getting back to blogging soon so wanted to make sure you knew....

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