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Eiffel Tower


I have more than 50 pictures of the Eiffel Tower taken at different times of the day. A good number are a bit blurry due to the tower lighting constantly changing. Out of all the photos, this one is definitely my favorite. It was taken late in the day, after a light rain and just as the sun was setting. My husband and I worked together to make this template of a Kodak slide, inspired by the slides that we have from our first trip to Paris in 1979.

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Great shot of the Eiffel Tower. The lighting is is wonderful. Love the slide effect. You must be having so much fun with your new program.

Gorgeous shot, Maria. I love it.

It's a gorgeous shot. Love the perspective and the colors of the sky. That template is cool too. :)


Beautiful! I also love the template -- I remember all too well the slides of the '70s.

Very cool! Love how you made it into a slide.

That is a really cool presentation. It brings back a lot of memories and highlights the photo. Excellent.

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