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PhotoHunt - fresh

Fresh new leaves on the grapevine I planted last fall.


Some of you may remember this post about my Venetian shrine and the overgrown vine surrounding the shrine. I had to remove the vine because it was developing some very thick branches and pulling down the trellis. I replaced it with a Thompson grapevine. The vine is already reaching the shrine and soon I'll have to trim it to prevent it from hiding the Madonna.


Yesterday I spotted a tiny fresh cluster of grapes.


Also last fall we planted a fig tree. This one is in a big planter. It arrived completely bare but in the last month, it has been furiously growing new leaves.



Happy weekend! :)


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Those tiny grapes are so cute! Glad your plants are doing well and growing so quickly. Fun take on the theme.

Hi Maria, I love the beautiful new leaves, on both the grape vine and the fig tree. That special new green says spring is in the air. Great take on this weeks theme. Have a happy Sunday.

Wonderful fresh green! Love seeing your beautiful shrine again and that little grape cluster is adorable.

I planted a fig tree in my yard last fall; it lost all its leaves for the winter but is starting to bud out now. I hope I get some figs this summer!

Your garden is coming along great. I can't wait to see what it looks like in a couple of months.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I loved seeing your beautiful shrine again. Maybe their presence is helping bring energy and growth to your trees. How fun to see them flourish. Have a wonderful week.

Mmmm..fresh goodness here.
My dad tried to plant a fig tree in SC and even though it is very hot there, it's not doing well. He said that eating fresh figs from the tree is the thing he dreams about the most from his childhood in Palestine.

Beautiful photos!

Happy Easter!

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