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PhotoHunt - spiral


I’ve been playing around with a graphic design software in an effort to try something different on my blog. I want my entries to look like pages out of an album, with captions written in my own handwriting. To accomplish this my husband is, very patiently, teaching me how to use Corel Draw. I’m not going to use this program to enhance my pictures, I just want to do photo projects where I can do collages or do the album/journal pages. This PhotoHunt entry is the first one published using Corel so it is sort of a test post to make sure the image size is not too big that would interfere with the sidebar.

I’m a bit concerned that maybe the pictures or my handwriting are too small, so I’d appreciate any feedback on it.

Happy weekend to everyone! :)


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The size looks perfect to me and I think it looks very cool, both the photo and the caption. I like it a lot!

Maria, I really like the size and I love what you did with the frame and being able to do the caption in your own handwriting. Oh how I wish I knew how to do that. I really think you have got something going lady!!!! It can only get better the more you learn.

Have a happy week end.

Maria, first of all, I love your choice for this week's theme.

I also LOVE your handwriting underneath it, I think the size of the photo and the writing is perfect.

First, I LOVE this photo! I think your design looks very professional. The size of the photo and the handwriting are both perfect. Like the frame also. Cool post!

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