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Standing at the center of Paris

Paris Point Zero is a marker located in the square right in front of the main entrance to Notre Dame. This small octagonal brass plate is set in the ground and it marks the exact spot from which all distances in France are measured.


We found the marker after sundown (which was at an early 4:30pm) with a small crowd of tourists gathered around it. People were having their picture taken while standing on or touching the plate. It seems that by doing so one is guaranteed a return trip to Paris. I hope that being that close to the marker will bring us back to Paris!

I'm still playing around with the graphic design software. This template is made to look like a Polaroid photograph. I think that the margins should to be a little wider. It's been a while since I've seen a Polaroid photo...

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I like your creative design. And although I haven't seen a polaroid for a while too, it looks very close to the real thing. Very creative of you. I like that handwriting description. I always like to follow the traditions that guarantee a return trip to the places I visit. I've visited Rome twice and each time I've thrown a coin in the Trevi fountain. I think on one trip I did it twice. :)

Thanks for sharing more of your special trip to Paris with us. Have a wonderful weekend.

Very cool! It's the Parisian equivalent of throwing the coins in the fountain. Love the photo (and it does look like a Polaroid to me, though it's been a while since I've seen one too).

Happy Friday!


Oh what fun!! Very interesting to know there is a marker for the centre of Paris. If I ever get there, I will have to look for it. Cool photo too.

I love the photo design. I does look like a Polaroid to me.
I wish you (and us) a return visit to Paris.


Wow, here's to the return to Paris wish. I want to return to that beautiful city too.

I love the design. It does resemble a Polaroid, very cool. This is a great program you have! And yes, I hope this brings you back to Paris! Have a wonderful week end.


How wonderful! I've only been to Paris twice and haved missed so many cool things!

I have not heard of this marker before. Cool! Hope it will bring you back to Paris soon. Looks like a Polaroid photo to me :)

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