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Bunny ears!

Here are my children's furkids with their bunny ears getting ready for tomorrow. As you can tell from the photos they were not very amused (but we were!) but they were all good sports.

Mojo (he's a Maine Coon)

Dean, the reluctant shih-bunny

Balrog (a tortie)

Daisy, the sweet beagle

Elvis, my son's very own chat noir

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Elvis was...a bit shy.

Love it! Happy Easter!

This post cracked me up! I was reading it (before scrolling down to look at the photos - only seeing the top of some bunny ears) and was wondering if I was going to see grandkids and why you were calling them furkids. Cute photos! Yes, they don't look too happy about it :)

Ha ha ha! Daisy actually looks like she is having fun, but the cats' expressions are funny. Love the ears.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I just love the matching bunny ears. They are all so cute. Mojo's photo is priceless.

Thanks for the smile this morning.

Fun post. It made me laugh this morning. I'm surprised that you got away with the ears on the cats. Not in this house.


I'm so behind in my blog reading, am just seeing this now - too funny!!!

I adore Maine Coon cats, they are so gorgeous. So I have to pick Mojo as my favourite bunny!

Those photos are hysterical!

Thanks for sharing them.

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