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Spring Fever

It is an absolutely gorgeous day today. It is 78 degrees!!! That must definitely be a record for March. I went out at lunch to get dinner and I could feel the warmth even as I left the building. I am definitely going to go for a run today although I bet Green Lake will be a zoo.

It is time to start to make some travel plans for the Whitney climb. I think I have all the places choosen and some of the day hikes. I may do that tonight.

This weekend was the pits. I hate being sick. I finally caught George's cold on Thursday and I spent the whole time sniffling and sneezing. Thursday night was winers and we had a French Burgundy tasting that was really great. Fortunately, I never lost my taste so everything was yummy. But I felt lousy on Friday and slept a lot Friday and Saturday while taking mega doses of C. Did the trick, because I'm much better. But I did get my trip report done for Tucson.

On the dinner plate: Sockeye Salmon with mixed green salad
In the wine glass: 9th Island Pinot Noir
On the turntable: Anne Lennox Bare
On the nightstand: 100 Hike in Central Sierra

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