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My Nemesis

Garden weeds!

I just spent the last three days working on the garden. The weeds and grass have gotten the best of me this year. I am late getting out and working in the yard. I have not been inspired to do any work especially since many of the weekends have been cloudy and rainy. (I know... I live in the NW ... what else should I expect?) But this weekend was sunny and warm so I tackled it. I got one of the three beds done and part of the second bed. I just don't know where some of the grass came from.

We have a perennal garden and some of the plants have been there for several years. The crab grass have over taken some of them. I almost gave up on the Perovskia filigran (Russian Sage). It was choked with grass. Hubby convinced me to dig it up and weed it. That was an effort. It is now potten in a large (20 gallon) tub waiting to be planted back. We are going to see if the grass invades the bed again and see how it does after the shock of getting up rooted. I checked today and it looks good. Fingers are crossed.

I was pretty sore yesterday after all the digging and lifting. I got a backrub which felt so good and a nice hot bath. I feel fine today. Yippeee... Conditioning is working. Now I just need to work on the endurance since I did go to bed pretty early last night.

Today was the anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. I actually remember where I was ten years ago when we heard the news. We were just getting ready to fly out to Tucson on our first vacation to Tucson. I remember following the news from there and missing a bit of the action back in Seattle. Nirvana's music has been on the radio all day, there was an article from the author of his biography and I suspect there will be some type of vigil at either the park near his house or Seattle Center. We had gotten into grunge quite a bit at that time since hubby worked with someone who was in a band. We used to go to the Crocodile Cafe to hear them play. It was great time. We got out of it after they broke up and grunge was pretty dead by then. Too bad. At least we got acknowledged on their album.

On the dinner plate: Goat cheese and carmelized onion ravioli
In the wine glass: Albert Mann Riesling Cuvee Albert 2001

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We were living in the Seattle area when Kurt Cobain died. We never heard him live and did not know his music, but it was still shocking and upsetting anyways. Years later we used to stay at the same hotel with Courtney Love and their daughter. Doesn't seem like ten years ago, does it?

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