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Netherlands Bound

Finally, something to inspire me to write!

I am going to the Netherlands for two weeks. My company has our European office located in the Netherlands and my boss has asked me to go over for two weeks to do some training. I've wasn't too excited at first but I'm actually getting excited.

I'll be leaving on Friday 22 October and flying from the NW to Amsterdam. I'll train into Leiden. I hope my company is able to get an apartment but if not I will be staying at a hotel.

This will be my fourth trip to the Netherlands for work. My first trip was in 1990 and we lived in Den Haag for three months from October - December. My next trip was for 7 weeks from April to June 1996 and we lived in Leiden. The last trip was a week in April 2002.

It is fun since I am comfortable staying in the Netherlands. It is pretty easy to visit since there is a great transportation system and many people speak some English. The down-side is the weather can be very gray and wet and the food is not inspiring.

My friend E is going to join me in November and we are flying on to Rome after I am finished delivering the training. We rented an apartment from Dolce Rome Apartments. The owner has been wonderful to work with. We wanted an apartment near Campo dei Fiore but we were able to get this apartment which has two bedrooms for less. It is near the Colosseum but looks like a good neighborhood. Probably not as many choices for restaurants, etc but we will be surrounded by history. It will be good for our first visit.

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