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It is off to work I go...

A totally restless night with no sleep. I didn?t know how I was going to make it through the day. I watched a bit of BBC before heading out to the bus. I caught a different bus and saw a new side of Leiden. It went though small streets lined with apartments but ended up at the Centraal station. The wind was blowing furiously. My hair whipped in my eyes and made it hard to figure out where the office was located. I walked back and forth a couple of times before I found the right spot. I arrived around 9:30 and hardly anyone was in the office. I felt terrible. I was so tired.

I got on line and did a bit of work. Soon it was lunch. The group walked into the center and got sandwiches and returned. I spent the afternoon preparing for my class the next day and left around 6:30. I didn't have a lot of food in the house and I had a hankering for some pasta. I got off the bus two stops early and went to the supermarket. Voorschoten and the grocery store was deserted so I had chance to linger and investigate. It was such a mad house on Saturday with everyone zipping around with their winklewagons.

I found the prepared food and got a nice prepared Paella which I microwaved. I also picked up some pasta for the next night and a large bottle of water.

It was a lovely but long (15 minute walk) walk to the apartment. The wind had died down and the moon peaked between the clouds and covered the field with its grey light.

I microwaved my paella and finished the salad. A beer and a bit of TV before it was time to catch up on my sleep.

(I posted some pictures of the apartment)

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Marta - how wonderful to read your posts and see the photos! Could you take a photo of one of those ristafel dinners for me? I may be spelling that wrong - those Indonesian meals where you get lots of different foods in little dishes.

I look forward to following along with you on your blog!

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