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Dutch Fashion

There is just something about Dutch fashion. I can't place my finger exactly on what it is. Part of it is the color usage - Orange. The royal family is the House of Orange and the Dutch love orange. It is the national color. During my last visit, we were amazed at the amount of clothes in orange, tan, brown and chartreuse green. Here it is 8 years later and the colors have not changed.

So first you have to get used to seeing orange everywhere. Then there is the layering of coats. In the winter, many people wear a large coat that goes to just below the butt. It is a good coat to bike in since it doesn't hang down and get caught in the spokes. Everyone also wears long wool scarf wrapped around the neck. A scarf is definitely quite useful to keep warm in the strong winds off the North Sea. They also like to wear stripes and checks.

Check out these windows. Have you ever seen so much orange?

Also check this out. The mannekins have on white canvas converse shoes. I've seen many of the women wearing these white shoes. I don’t get it.


I also like the name of this store - Sissy Boy.


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Orange, the new Red?

Loved the photo of the "Sissy Boy" store! Too funny.
It reminds me of how the Japanese put English words together without understanding their meaning...

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