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Dutch potatoes


The full moon is shinning tonight.

I have been enjoying the small kitchen. The range is large with 5 burners. It is great. I also really like the cabinet refrigerator. The freezer section has these drawers for storing food. Very different from the US. Along the side is pull-out drawer that is the height of the refridgerator and part of the same cabinet that the refridgerator is built into. The drawer is like a pantry and can be used to store food or dishes. The sink is pretty small. I haven't used the dishwasher yet except to drain dishes since I only have one or two items day. The oven has a rotisserie and is a convection oven. It is actually pretty cool.

After work, I stopped at a different supermarket next to the train/bus station. I was hoping to get a piece of lamb but most of the meat was picked gone. I did get some organic beef.

Prepeeled small round potatoes (krietjes) seem to be the Dutch equivalent of the baby carrots. They are small balls of potato that are ready to cook. They are about the size of a melon ball. In fact, they were probably cut out of potatoes in exactly that fashion. There are also sliced potatoes. I decided to bake them to try the oven. They were okay. I seemed a little bit like canned potatoes since they were very waxy. But I was so curious.

I also picked up a cheap bottle of wine. I always forget how cheap wine is here in Europe I picked up a Cote Du Rhone for about 3 Euros. It was not great but drinkable.

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Great looking potatoes Marta!!

I'm really enjoying reading about your days (and meals!) in the Netherlands. You seem to have integrated yourself easily into your environment. I'm sure it helped that you'd lived there once before, but still ... Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

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