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Damn if the cable didn't go on the blink. Tonight is the night and I'm not certain I will have a TV.

The news has been pretty constant on the English speaking stations (CNN, BBC, Euronews) about how close the race is. The main items they mention is the record turnout, whether any of the ballots will be marginalized, heavy campaigning to the last moment and all the superstions for predicting a winner (Redskins winning or losing, etc).

The Osama tape was pretty interesting. Did anyone read the transcript? He mentions several items that were also brought up in Farenheit 911; Bush continuing to listen to the school children after being notified of the first crash and how they have not had difficulties dealing with the Bush administration since it is similar to other governments ruled by military or kings and sons. The news mentioned it once when the tape was first released and nothing since.

Coverage will start to night at 10pm here in Europe. I may need to stay up late to check out the results.

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I'm curious about what your Dutch colleagues have to say about the election.

No surprise to many of us who actually pay attention to world opinion, but this site:
showed Europe as "voting" almost 80% for Kerry!

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