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Keep to the Left

"Keep to the left - Look right". It is my mantra. I repeat it over and over. I am struggling to remember to walk to the left and go up stairs on the left. Going right is such a habit.

The weather continues to be "fine" as they say here in OZ. The sun is brilliant and strong. We'll use lots of sunscreen. It seems a bit hot for the beginning of spring.

We left off in Fremantle. We finished our sightseeing with lunch at Little Creatures Brewery. The brewery is located in an enormous previous boat hanger over two stories high. The tall beer tanks are behind the bar, the latest tunes are playing and it is great place to watch people. The beer is great. It has become our favorite brew. Unfortunately the food was way too salty for us. We had barely recovered from airplane dehydration. The last thing we needed was salt.

We walked around and viewed the architecture which is somewhat like the French quarter with lots of rod-iron railings on two story buildings. Then it was on to the Western Australia Maritime museum. The building is shaped similar to a boat with sails and is big enough to house several large boats including the winner of the America's Cup - the Challenger II. It won the America's cup in Perth in the '90s. The museum details the influence of the sea on Western Australia from early Indian Ocean traders to whalers to immigrants arriving from Europe to modern day sports.

Wednesday we made a trip to Hillary's Bay to see AQWA - the Aquarium of WA. We got a chance to see the local fishes including sharks and mantra rays up close and personal in the walk-thru underwater tank. We also saw many of te tropical fishes of the Indian ocean including several species that we had in our marine tank several years ago. We were also wow'd by the Sea Dragon - a leafy seahorse.

We returned to town and had time to visit the art museum and saw some neat aboriginal art. I must comment on how easy it has been to get around by bus and train. So much better than Seattle.

Thursday - it was time for the Kings Garden Wildflowe show. It was a perfect introduction for George. It was nice selection of wildflowers grown in pots and setup in backyard displays similar to the NW flower show. Lots of emphasis on growing natives including lectures and examples. There were also labeled displays of natives and orchids which George studied to become familar with what we would soon be seeing. We also took the guided bush walk in the park. Part of the park has been left native which gives city dwellers and easy way to experience the bush. There are also a botanical garden separated into the different regions of WA and a tree top walk. But best of all, the park has stunning views of the city and river. Many people were out lunching with picnics.

Tonight is our final night in Perth. Our apartment has been perfect. Tomorrow - we head north.

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