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Edmonds Ferry
I've been trying to motivate myself to exercise. I need it so bad. I have no energy, my back and legs hurt if I stand for a long period. I was so sore and stiff from my flight back from Arkansas. Then there is the ever expanding waistline. I find it so difficult to get out and move after work. I work a 10 hour day. Add on an hour and half for the commute in and back and there went 12 hours.

My I-pod has been helping. I download a few new tunes and create new a songlist. New tunes always gets me out. And the weather is improving. The temperatures are starting to get above 60 and I don't seem to mind getting out if I don't have to bundle up.

But the best motivator so far has been a new route. I like to walk or jog and my neighborhood route has gotten really boring. We don't have sidewalks in my neighborhood so I walk on the street or the gravel roadsides. The streets are not real busy but you do have to be aware. I have been enjoying the progression of spring blooms in the yards but I live in the suburbs and there is just so much you can get excited about suburban yards.

Puget Sound Vista

A couple of weeks ago, I tried a new route. It is about a 5 minute drive from my house to the ferry dock and the shoreline of the Puget Sound. One street north of the ferry runs about a 1/4 mile with a gorgeous view out over to the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Whidbey Island and even Mount Baker. I love the expansive horizon. The seagulls drift overhead. The gardens are a bit more adventurous also.

I've enjoyed this walk for years but what I did differently was to head south and past the ferry dock. It turns out that I can walk along the sound for a good mile to Marina Park. It starts at Brackett's Landing and if I'm lucky and the tide is out, I can walk in the sand for a bit. At the fishing pier, it becomes a wooden walkway along the marina and then over a small bridge and into the park. There is such diversity and activity - it keeps me interested. I love it.

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kimmer99 [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Marta, I feel the same way about exercising. I found two things have helped motivate me and then keep me going when motivation fails.

One - I set a goal. So this summer, I'm going to do a century (100 mile) bike ride. Once I picked my goal (and yes, that's extreme), I set up a plan by week of workouts I need to do in order to obtain that goal. Now, every morning I look at my plan and see what I "have to" do. Somehow having the plan to "feel like it" out of the realm of consideration and made it a requirement.

The other thing - like you - I have to find new routes. After three - four weeks of the same route, I got bored, so now I'm looking for new ones. It adds time to my exercise but at least it's interesting.

Check out www.usatf.com - they have route maps, and people put up interesting walking/running routes by area. You may find some that suit you.

Sorry for being so long-winded. :)

marta [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I just checked out UTATF site and it has some great suggestions for my area. Thanks for the link Kim.

I agree having a goal is another great motivator. I haven't found one that will 'stick' for this year. I did read that the hills in Villefranche sur mer up to the language school are tough so getting in condition for a month of hill walking in a small French Riviera town might be one. :)

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