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A scorcher of a day

The beauty of living in the Pacific Northwest is we have mild summers and winters. It is rare that it snows and rare that it gets above 90 degrees. And when it does, we melt.

Well, today was one of those over-90 degree days. The weather folks had been predicting so everyone prepared. One the way to work, I saw a man walking to work in shorts carrying a briefcase. It probably would have been fine except had was wearing black socks pulled up to the mid-calves. Everyone at work was in shorts and sleeveless tops. It was nice to be in an air-conditioned building.

After work, I went to my French class. The building was sans climatisation et trop chaud. I could barely concentrate and exhausted at the end of two hours.

And now it is 10pm, it is 75. No sleep for me tonight.

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Marta, did I miss something? Are you planning a trip to France soon?

marta [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Yes I am Kim. I'm going to do a French Intensive Language School in September for 4 weeks and then two weeks in the Riviera and Provence. Check my France archives. It has a little bit about my trip but I need to tell more soon.

Excellet! I'm assuming you've read Kaydee's blog about her experience at the language school - I'll go check your archives but are you doing the same one?

marta [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I've been following Kaydee's blog. It is great and gives me a good idea of what to expect.

I am going to a different school. My school on the Riviera near Nice. It is 4 weeks instead of 3. I'll do a post today with more details.

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