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Deuxième semaine

It is going pretty well this week. The passe compose is fine but I struggle making a question and answering. I struggle the most with Qu'est-ce que ... Our instructor has us answer "we do know not if ...". I really struggle remembering "ce que". Je ne sais pas ce qu'il ..... Then there is quand, qui, comment de, .... Sigh. I got pretty good at seeing the question and writing it. But when I went into the laboratory and I had to orally form and answer the questions, I seemed to forget everything. Thankfully everyone is having the same issue.

Yesterday, we took our boat ride along the coast. It was great. We went around Cap Ferrat, into the harbor at Beaulieu and then on eastward to Monaco. I was not at all impressed with Monaco. The buildings were too dense and it seemed sterile even from the water. There were many high-rise apartments so it appeared a little bit like Hong Kong. Also everything was modern (except the Palace).

After the boat ride, a bunch of us went out to dinner. It was fun to get to know my fellow students.

I also found out on Monday that I have to do an 'expose'. That might not be the correct word. Basically, I have to talk about something in French in front of the class for 5-10 minutes. Oh-La-La. I hate speaking in front of a group in English. I do not think I'm going to like doing it in French any better. But I have over a week to prepare. I will give my expose on Friday - Sept 21st.

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