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It is becoming a blur

What day is it? Okay, from class I know ... C'est le 13 Septembre 2007 or C'est Jeudi 13 Septembre 2007 but it all seems a blur. Is it Thursday already?

Last night we had a group dinner at one of the hotels here in Villefranche. It was great for socializing but the food was so-so. For once, I'm glad I had the beef. Everyone said the fish was very bland. But I really enjoyed talking to people. And I got to talk in English. Unfortunately, I think our table got a little loud and we were not all Americans!

The lunches at the Institut have been very good. We usually have an entree (hors d'oeuvre), main dish and a small dessert. For example today we started with cut cantaloupe and watermelon. The main dish was scalloped potatoes with salmon baked together. Dessert was a lemon meringue tart. I've been cooking dinner 'chez moi'. Usually pasta because it is fast and cheap.

So far, two other classmates have given their talk. They have gone pretty well. I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to talk about. It will probably be about where I live. It will be easier to talk about than other subjects. Everyone thinks I'm going to talk about plants since I've been going to gardens but I don't know enough about plants. Plus it would be difficult to have to explain in French. It will be easier talking about Washington State.

This weekend I'm going to go to Monaco to see the Princess Grace exhibition and check out the Casino. One of the women at the school wants to go and is a little uncertain about traveling by herself so we are going together. I'm no certain what I'm going to do Sunday. I might take the train up into the mountains.

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