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I found a new way to get down the hill. Actually I was shown it after dinner on Wednesday by another student who lives along the stairway. I like it better because I can avoid the traffic. I usually don't take it back up to my apartment because there are too may steps for me. And if I'm coming up at night, I prefer the openness of the street although I have to listen and dodge the cars. It is lit so it might be okay.

I also like to take it because it is lined with interesting tropical plants. As I start down in the evening, a sweet fragrance wafts up. I think it is the 4 o'clock flowers. I grew up with them in California and I still remember them. Bougainvillea is very common in the gardens along with the tall hedges of cypress and juniper. There is also passion vine, deadly nightshade and two tropical vines that I had to ask G about. One is related to black eyed susan vine - Thunbergia grandiflora. It is a lovely large lavender blue flower with a yellow throat. I love it. Oleander is very common and is in all the gardens. There is another light baby-blue flower that I haven't identified. I described it to G and he couldn't figure out what I meant. I also saw a wonderful scarlet red honeysuckle. At the end of the stairway is a huge banana plant complete with fruit. Bananas and lemons grow year around in Menton. I've also seen Angel trumpet (Brugmansia) in the gardens. Of course, there are also many olive, citrus, acasia, magnolia and sycamore trees. G is going to love it here.

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chris [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Could the baby blue flower be plumbago? It sounds like a natural with the other plants listed.

marta [TypeKey Profile Page]:

It was plumbago, Chris. George recognized it right off.

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