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Continuing to study French

I signed up for Intermediate French at the local Alliance Francaise. The classes start on Thursday. I hope I'm not getting over my head by signing up for Intermediate. I haven't been practicing or listening to French since October. I was really torn deciding which class to sign up for. I suspect it might have been better to take an advanced beginning class but I really didn't want to take a placement test. I also didn't want to take classes that start at 7pm. I work from 7am-5pm (10 hour days) and I didn't want to stick around until 7 for class. I might have to take the later classes next quarter if I survive Intermediate 1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Here are some good sites to use to study and practice French

First Year French at University of Texas Austin

Ma France at BBC
French Steps - Another BBC Language Series
Language Guide - Good place for pronunciations. I found it useful to hear the vowels.

There are also several good podcasts - both classes and current events
The French Podcast
Le Journal - French News from WNYE
One thing in a French Day
Daily French Pod
Podcast Francais Facile

Do you have a site you recommend for learning French?

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Leslie [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hi Marta :)

I've been enjoying following your blog. I have been trying to leave a comment for weeks now but couldn't log in as you have to be a typekey member to comment and I couldn't remember my log in details. I tried every combination under the sun and today one of them worked!

But crikey - will I remember which one it was for next time. :) The remember your password function didn't help as it didn't work for me, and it was the actual log in, not the password.

So, I'll be coming back to look to see how the classes are going. I just hope I can get back in to comment again. I admire the hard work you are putting in. Alessandro came to me last night and said that he was beginning to forget how to order at a restaurant, in Italian.

H'mm, what does that tell me? He needs to go back! Maybe at Christmas.

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