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Over my head

But I found a life ring.

I started French last week. It turns out that there were not enough students who signed up for Beginning Intermediate so they decided to combine first and second level Intermediate. Ack! Everyone had been taking the class together and they were way beyond me. We had a test the first day and I knew very little. And my speaking fluency was just not up to the same level as the rest of the student.

I originally signed up for first level Intermediate because of the time of day. I typically work a 10 hour day (4 days a week). I didn't really want to wait around for a class at 7pm. It is also too far for me to go home and go back. First level Intermediate was at 5:30pm which was good for me. But Second level was at 7pm. That makes for a long day.

Unfortunately, all the class options at 5:30 were early beginners. What to do?

The advance beginners was also at 7pm on Tuesday. And the instructor was the same one that I had in the summer and I liked her a lot. So my life ring is to move to Advanced Beginners. It turns out that they were actually studying at the beginning Intermediate and it is great. It feels a lot like the level of my class in France. But they are covering some grammar that is new to me. I'm still having problems expressing myself. I just can't come up with anything but very simple sentences. But I will still have chance to study, listen and practice French. So for now, class is good.

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