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Full Moon Eclipse

Tonight was a total eclipse of the moon. This is the last one for my area until 2010. I wrote it off because it is February and I really didn't expect it to be clear. The forecast was for cloudy skies.

After work, I headed for the grocery store to pick up some items for tonight's dinner. Paella - I had to start using the 3 pounds of Italian rice that I bought at Costco. As I rolled my shopping cart back to the car, I looked up and realized that the skies had cleared. "I will be able to see the eclipse", I thought.

When I got home I checked on the web for the times. For the Pacific coast, the eclipse would start around 5:30. The full eclipse the moon would happen at 7:01 and last for 55 minutes. I got the paella going, grabbed the tripod and set up the camera.

The clouds were lying low along the horizon and foothills to the east. I could see nothing at 6:15pm other than a faint aura of moonlight due east. Would it clear the clouds in time. 6:25... nothing... 6:30... nothing.

Whoa! there it was. The lower half was starting to darken. I stood shivering in the cold while snapping pictures. It was so real and mesmerizing.

At 7:01 the last sliver of disappeared and the moon turned into a glassy globe radiating red. After dinner, I sneaked out and slowly a sliver reappeared. It is now a glassy white globe shinning silverly light on the neighborhood.

Ah the wonder of nature.





Full Moon Eclipse 1

Full Moon Eclipse 2



And for everyone who can not say "Total Eclipse...." without thinking about Bonnie Tyler, here is "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

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Marta, thanks for those great pictures. I was very busy last night and only got out to take a 10 second peak at the very end of the eclipse.
And, yes... the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" has popped into my head everytime I hear talk of the lunar eclipse.


Great photos, Marta! I scrambled up on to the roof of my apartment building to watch some of the eclipse....until it became too cold for me to handle (and I was also a bit chilled, by its red cast)

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Excellent shots!


Marta, these are just fabulous! I live in Mill Valley, just a few miles north of San Francisco, and I could "kind of" see it - but it was pretty fuzzy thanks to the overcast. Glad your Seattle weather cooperated so that we could all see these great photos!

Missed it here since it was still daylight. Loved your photos. I did see a lunar eclipse once though and was mesmorized with the red moon.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta! Excellent photos! I didn't expect that youtube. I couldn't resist playing it while I was viewing your photos! Wow, what a mood setting. Very cool! Now, I think I'll always think of that song everytime I hear Total Eclipse too. Thanks!


Absolutely stunning photos!!! I had to go to be before 11 (couldn't keep my eyes open) so am thrilled to see the pics on yours and Annie's blogs.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Marta, yesterday after reading your blog, I downloaded Total Elcipse of the Heart from iTunes! I just had to. Now I'm ready for 2010.

Thanks again for the great entry.

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