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Guilty Pleasures - Movies

We all have them - movies that you always watch but don't want to admit. They could be a movie so bad it is good or a movie that plays on a Saturday morning and you stop everything to watch. And you do it again next time it is on.

One of my guilty pleasure movies is on tonight - Muriel's Wedding. I love this movie for so many reasons - the story, the location and most of all the music. Yes, Abba!

Another one is The Wedding Singer. I normally hate Adam Sandler but I love this movie. I seen it several times. I love the scene in the plane with Billy Idol.

And a really really bad movie that I love - Conan the Barbarian. So bad it is good and I love the Italian scenery.

On that note, I'll leave you with a scene from Muriel's Wedding.

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Conan?! LOL

I've seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding and The American President about 400 times each--and I still watch them! My husband thinks I'm crazy--but it is like comfort food! I just watch them and they make me happy!


Dallas, that is a great analogy - comfort food. And a couple more great movies.

The Conan thing cracks me up too!

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