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Vegetable garden progress

Garden in February

It was warm and sunny this weekend. Perfect for getting out into the garden especially after attending the Flower show. The delphiniums needed weeding. Something is is nibbling on the young growth. I sprinkled some Sluggo but I think it might be cutworms. I also fertilized the roses.

G worked on the raised beds for the vegetables. On Thursday, he hauled 26 wheelbarrows of planting mix to fill the beds. On Saturday, he constructed trellises for the peas and a teepee for the pole beans. They are ready now.

Garden in February

I had the fun of choosing the seeds. I poured over the websites of several companies but focused on what is available from Territorial Seeds, the best company for NW seeds. We will buy starts for some of the plants - mainly the warm plants like tomatoes and eggplants.

We had some purchases to make at a local store. We checked out the seeds and they had them 40% off. Yeah! I purchased beets, carrots, chard, radishes and wax beans. We have sugar snap peas and green beans from last year. I gave G a list of other vegetables to check at work. I want another type of pea, some different beans, cukes and lettuces.

We are ready to start planting. First will be the peas. We may start them inside this year since they didn't germinate outside last year.

Here are a few pictures of the beds. Check out who had to inspect the beds!

Garden in February

Wire mesh for the pea trellises

Garden in February

Rebar teepee for pole beans

Garden in February

The feline inspector

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Cool photos! I am always so impressed with people who have nice gardens. It takes a lot of work and a lot of love. I'll be watching the blog to follow the garden in the next few months - living vicariously through your gardening!

Love the feline inspector! What a beautiful cat.


There's nothing as promising as fresh garden beds ready to plant, is there?

I wish mine looked so good.

I hope your cat doesn't have the same idea as mine do about all that lovely fresh loose dirt. I have to keep mine covered with a wire mesh to keep the cats from using it. And even then, if Carlos spots an opening, he will crawl under and try to dig lying down!

Chris, we have the wire mesh covering ready. Ms Inspector may not dig but we have several other cats in the neighborhood which regularly visit the yard and they might find our new beds a great place to dig.


My gosh, your cat looks so much like our Winston's sister Rainbow! (She fell victim to a hit and run driver a couple years ago.)

We are months away from preparing our garden. Sometimes the growing season feels so short, it hardly seems worth the bother...but I love our bumper crops of wax beans and salad mix so it IS worth it after all!

Anne, I bet it is tough with the short growing season. I know I found it difficult at first in Seattle after living in California. Okay, it is still a little difficult having to wait until September for tomatoes to ripen.

Great photos, I'll be following the progress of your garden. I hope to see more of Ms. Inspector, too!

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