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Seed order

I placed my seed order tonight from Territorial Seed. I checked around a bit at the local seed racks but I didn't see the ones I wanted so I decided to go ahead and place an order. There was no sales tax since Territorial is located in Oregon but the shipping was about 1/3 of the cost of the order. But it will be fun growing the vegetables I want to try.

I ordered 3 different types of beans; Maxibel French haricot beans, Etna shelling bean and Helda romano beans. I was disappointed that I couldn't find Goldmarie; a yellow romano pole bean. I did see a couple of providers on the web but I didn't want to order just one seed packet.

For salads, I ordered three types of lettuce. Nevada lettuce which several of the farmers grew last year at University Farmer's Market. It lasts a long time after harvested and G can use for his sandwiches. Sunset - a red leafed lettuce and Mascara, a red oak leaf. To go along with the lettuce, we also ordered Orient Express cuke and Momotaro Tomato. We'll get some other tomatoes plants later in the year but G wanted to grow this specific tomato.

We're soaking our snap peas tonight and G will start them tomorrow indoors. I'll plant the starts out in a week or so.

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I miss my garden. Is the fencing in the post from two days ago to keep wild animals out?

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I wish I could grow a garden like you. We just don't get enough sunshine in our yard. I guess that's why I like our CSA so much.


Marta, I have the worlds BROWNEST thumb.
So brown in fact, I could kill a Mother-in-Law Tongue.
So, reading about your garden plans has turned the rest of me green with envy.

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