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For a long time my dreams were of places I would travel.Through the years I've checked places off and added new places. South Africa - check. Australia - check, study French in Villefranche - check. New places have been added such as India, Malaysia, the Amazon.

Only recently have I realized that I have another dream - an early retirement. Well, maybe not exactly retirement but taking a step out of the corporate world. I think it started a while back when I read a book whose basically said it was your life or your job. At the time, I was very content in my job but the seed was planted.

More and more friends and neighbors have made changed their jobs and moved towards retirement. I'm currently reading Work Less, Live More and it sounding better and better. Someday, maybe this dream will come true also.

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Marta, I know that book. It's great. The title is "Your Money or Your Life" by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin. It basically prices everything you buy and do in the finite currency of the number of minutes you have to live.
I bought it for Dan at least 10 years ago because he hated working so much.

One the great joys of life is dreaming about a time when you have both money and time to do all of the things you want, when you want to do them. I can't wait!


I get an annual statement from my pension fund showing my earliest dates of retirement, etc. In reality, I plan to work until I can received an unreduced pension, but I've got to say that the reduced pension (two years earlier) is looking better and better all the time! My kids will be gone, mortgage will be paid, all I will need is some travelling money!


Heh. I've got my retirement all planned out--to begin in 8 years, the minute my second son finishes college. I'm going to volunteer, travel, write curriculum, actually weed the garden, and sleep past 5:30. Oh, and have more than five minute conversations with my husband.

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